It officially feels like autumn.


It officially feels like autumn.

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I’m going to be a doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHSKDOGISHSKDKFJSISHSKF

So guys

I was accepted into medical school this week. They called me and said that they had good news and that I was voted in and that they really wanted me here for medical school. And that I was in unless I told them no and that my paperwork would be mailed this week.

Like wow.

I still don’t think it has sank in yet.

Also I was cast in our winter dance concert this week. This was also a huge deal for me. Like huge huge.

God is so so good. But seriously though.


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ballet love tumblr - Buscar con Google on We Heart It.


ballet love tumblr - Buscar con Google on We Heart It.

“Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want. It is the belief that God will do what is right.”


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rhy-ana said: Liza Belle, I saw your dearest brother Garth tonight snapping some pictures. It made me think of you and our good times. I hope you are doing well. Continue being fabulous! 💋

Hey Rhyana!! That’s funny. He is quite the photographer for sure. I actually haven’t seen him in awhile so reading this made me really happy :) I hope you are doing great and are changing the world and such. I have all the faith in you!

So today

I kinda got offered a job today. At a hospital. As a doctor/specialist. Lol.

I gave a campus tour and a mom came up to me afterwards and said that she really appreciated it and gave me her card. She is a Vice President of a hospital and said that she is recruiting and that “when the time comes that I am looking” to give her a call that she would love to have me. I literally almost died.

I love my job. #tourguideswag

Tonight I’m actually missing home.
I just baked chicken and the smoke alarm went off. For. Just. Baking. Why do I even bother.

But as I sit here and eat my chicken breast and warmed up hashbrown casserole, I think of eating home cooked meals back home with my family. How mom would set the table and have everything just right. I think that’s when I miss home the most—when I put together a meal. I think it’s because that’s so “uncollege” for me, since I’ve been in a dorm for two years and am so busy regardless.

I love this apartment. It’s not perfect though. I can’t cook anything with out the smoke alarm going off, I swear my oven is unsafe—the top of it gets so hot when I bake (on the inside) that I burnt brownies that I had sitting on top of it, my countertops suck, and I miss over head lighting. It makes me dream of my perfect home some day, with a lovely kitchen with granite countertops that I can sit hot pans on without fear of burning my house down.

It’s also cold today so I’ve started thinking about the winter and the holidays. The fall semester is always harder for me. I’m over stretched, not with school but more so extracurriculars. I spent four hours today working on them and emailing and organizing and I’m not near done. I have a lot of responsibilities right now. It all makes me want to curl up on the couch with hot chocolate that my dad made me with my mom playing with my hair in her lap. Being overly stressed out makes me miss home too.

I don’t know. I just miss a support system I guess.